Before moving on, I am going to butcher one final thing CO said to me. And move on, I shall, or I’ll become a hypocrite for talking the money talk while expressly forbidding it in the previous post.

I’m well aware that I have a tendency to overanalyze things just a touch, but I truly believe that CO dug himself into a deeper grave with this non sequitur stunt. He messaged me on-line and after about a minute of your average pleasantries, I became preoccupied with another matter. What does he cleverly do to hail my attention?  Out of nowhere and thus sorely out of context, CO writes, “does the [your] company reimburse you for lunch?”

Upon my word, I’ve never heard anything more ridiculous! I only wish you could have witnessed the incredulity splayed across my face. I wanted to ignore him, but he’d already piqued my interest, so I responded, “no. Why?” He answers, and I kid you not, “it adds up haha.”

my sentiments exactly, kitty!

I’ve decided to dub CO as an outlier because he hasn’t a clue as to what consists of socially appropriate behavior. I’d be willing to bet he could ask me how much I make without batting a lash or blushing. I’ve never, ever thought to inquire even my closest friends for such irrelevant information, nor have they asked me, because perhaps, just perhaps, there are SCADS more less mundane things to talk about. Just a thought.

We’re not going to discuss how he broke the “don’t talk money” rule, but is money all he thinks about? Is that the best ice-breaker he’s got? Was he honest-to-god sitting there, mulling over whether my company reimburses me for lunch, and if not, that my buying lunch everyday adds up? And most importantly, WHAT of that question, exactly, is any of his business?

It adds up? Well, it certainly does not subtract down. Do you care to include any more scintillating insight, CO? By all means! And what’s with abusing the “haha”? Unless we point out the hilarity of this having occurred, I don’t find the exchange remotely amusing. I’m out.

UP NEXT: The worst pick-up line!