This is a personal blog, written with the purpose to dissect (read: rant about) my dating experiences. I will also attempt to draw from said experiences and dispense what I believe as sound dating advice for gentlemen attempting to woo and court the ladies. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my POV, so move on along if you don’t. However, I do believe that I hold the viewpoint of your well-read, well-bred, mainstream & modern, and attractive might I add, female objective, so it couldn’t hurt to pick up a few points. After all, the advice is free.

My goal? To crank out one suave and polished conversationalist after another. I’ll teach you to ix nay your word gumbo, er vomit that is, and help replace it with what you should say. You’ll look debonair, no matter what.

– your gamine coquette